The Stockman Blog is LIVE!

julia-warmerPost written by Julia Warmer, Digital Media Specialist at Stockman Bank of Montana

News flash!  Stockman is starting a blog!

You might be thinking, “Why would a bank, an insurance company and a wealth management business enter into the “blogosphere?”

First and foremost, we have a story to tell. In fact, we have many stories to tell. Just this year we entered the social media world with Facebook and LinkedIn pages and have discovered these to be great ways to communicate with our customers and our employees. Our blog allows us to go more in depth than a Facebook or LinkedIn post.

Before we go any further, let’s quickly define the word “blog”. A blog is a short form for the word “weblog” and the two words are used interchangeably. You may have heard the term “blogger” and that is simply someone who writes a blog. Stockman has a team of “bloggers” who will write, what we hope are engaging, interesting articles for you to read, share and learn a bit about the world of banking.

Stockman has a team of “bloggers” committed to bringing you engaging, interesting articles for you to read, share and learn a bit more about the world of banking, insurance and wealth management. As you follow the blog, you’ll get to know our team.  We’re confident this will become a great resource for you to return to time and again.

Stockman BankWhere will you find our blog posts? For now, we will publish our blog on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. We may also send an email your way from time to time. Coming soon (we hope sooner rather than later) you’ll find the blog on the new Stockman Bank website. We’re working behind the scenes right now to bring you an easy-to-use, up-to-date site which is slated to be finished during 2017.

With any business or institution, there’s an amazing assortment of people. When you think of Stockman you may have a traditional image of a bank; halls filled with men in suits. In reality, 75% of our employees are women. We have ranchers and city folk as diverse as all of our locations throughout the state. We’re a true community bank which means we live, work and are headquartered in Montana.

In addition, the story of the founding of Stockman Bank is colorful and tells a true Montana tale. Watch for that wonderful story in an upcoming blog. If you have questions about our products or services, this is the place to come. Do you want to learn more about investing or what type of insurance to have?  You guessed it, a future blog. Have topics you’d like us to cover? Just let us know. We’ll do our very best to create helpful and timely content to make your lives just a little bit easier.

Watch for updates every few weeks. We hope to share a bit of wisdom and whimsy with all of you. And, along the way, we’d appreciate your comments, questions (and support) as we proudly enter the blogosphere together!

Until next time…