Bank In Your Pajamas with eBank!


Paula Kurkowski


Char Hoskins

Post co-written by Char Hoskins, Chief Operations Officer at Stockman Bank of Montana and Paula Kurkowski, VP/Director of Compliance at Stockman Bank of Montana

We still remember the day when we would have to walk to our local bank to do any banking.

We would hand our savings passbook to the teller behind the cage and she would stamp our book with the correct deposit/withdrawal and our balance.

Today, consumers expect and demand that they’re able to do almost any banking transaction in their pajamas…at any time of day or night, from their laptop, tablet or phone.

The good news is you can do this with our online personal banking system – eBank!

Even better, we keep improving eBank. It’s safer, simpler and allows you to customize your own experience.

ebankAfter researching what tools our customers used the most, we’ve redesigned the mobile system with the following features:

  • Most frequently used features are available on the first page for quick, easy access.
  • You can arrange your screen to show or hide accounts.
  • You can “name” your accounts so you can quickly identify them.
  • You can transfer funds now or schedule a future transfer.
  • You can look at your last transactions or pull up an account and search by date or amount.
  • You can even see front-and-back images of checks that have cleared your account.

But wait, there’s more!  

You can also put a stop payment on the system and set alerts through email or text messages for a variety of things, from a low balance notice to a notification of a purchase made on your debit card.

Stockman’s goal is to bring more information to you, our customer, and make it easier, faster and allow you to customize the system to meet your needs.

More importantly, we want you to be able to do your banking 24 hours a day…even in your pajamas.