My Favorite Places to Visit in Montana in the Summer – Part 2

Post written by Cassandra Garrison, Real Estate Loan Specialist

Previously, in Part 1 of this blog series, I wrote about a few of my favorite places to visit in Montana in the Summer.

Welcome to Part 2!

I’ve had the pleasure to not only travel to many places throughout our state, but to also have the opportunity to live in some of our beautiful cities in Montana.

Because of that I’ve been able to experience the western charm and uniqueness that embodies the Montanan spirit throughout our state. While attending the University of Montana, I had the opportunity to explore and visit many more wonderful places our state has to offer.

Having lived outside of Montana, I can attest to the fact that Montana is well-known for our numerous national parks and western mountainous regions. Given the recent fires that have ravaged our state from east to west, I feel compelled to give my condolences to the Montanan families who have been directly affected by these fires. My thoughts and prayers are also with all those who are working night and day, away from their families, to keep these fires contained.

When the fire has been controlled, and the ash settles, I will hold onto my memories of the places I love as I remember them, and hope that we as Montanans can pull together to help foster the regrowth of these areas once the fires have subsided.

I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite places in western Montana, their history, and photos I took while visiting them. I hope you enjoy the rich history shared about these places, and cherish the memory of our state’s beauty and uniqueness.

St. Ignatius Mission

Just when I think I’ve been everywhere in Montana, I find somewhere new to explore. I learned about St. Ignatius Mission while attending school in Missoula, Montana.

If you live in the Missoula, Montana area, or will be visiting, you can venture 50 miles north to visit a historic Roman Catholic Church located on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

What makes the site so unique other than the architecture of the church? 58 original paintings by Brother Joseph Carigano cover the walls and ceilings inside the Mission church.

Being inside the Mission feels like you’ve travelled through time to another era. Besides the beautiful artistry to be seen inside the Mission, you can also view the log home that housed the original Sisters’ residence, and view the beautiful Mission Mountain Range that sits behind the Mission church.

For more information on St. Ignatius you can visit here:

St. Ignatius Mission

St. Ignatius Mission 2

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

Did you know Montana is home to 13 Hot Springs locations across the state? Isn’t that awesome! While I’ve visited all 13, and enjoy all of them equally, one of my favorites to visit in Western Montana is Quinn’s Hot Springs.

Haven’t been there? You’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Quinn’s features 6 mineral hot springs pools surrounded by the natural beauty of Montana. The mineral content of the water offers excellent health benefits too.

It’s no mystery why the hot springs is located in Paradise, Montana. The resort also offers cozy cabins to stay in next to the Clark Fork River with views of the mountains our state is so famous for.

Of course there’s an interesting history behind the hot springs resort. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort was named after Martin Quinn, an immigrant from Ireland and a miner. During his mining transports on the River, Martin would notice the local Natives gathering around a particular area. He discovered they were gathering near a secluded hot springs.

Martin staked his claim where the hot springs were located, then added a residence, bathhouses, and accommodations for guests. Martin soon became known as “Dr. Quinn,” as the springs became a popular destination for cleansing poisons in the body from the mine.

To read more about Quinn’s history, or to learn more about visiting Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, click here:

Quinn_s Hot Springs Resort.