Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Naomi RolandsonPost written by Naomi Rolandson, CSR and Social Media Ambassador, Hysham

When I tell people I’m from Montana, I can see the movie reels turning in their heads.

They imagine streams of clear gurgling water, majestic snow-capped mountains and stately Ponderosa Pines as shown in movies like A River Runs Through It, The River Wild, and The Horse Whisperer.

The imaginary bubble above their head quickly bursts when I mention Eastern Montana.

There are many who actually believe if they travel east of Billings they would immediately be in North Dakota! Now, I know, Eastern Montana doesn’t have mountains and mountain lakes, but HELLO….we’re still part of Montana!

Eastern Montana certainly has a beauty of its own.

Those who take the time to enjoy the scenery quickly see the subtle beauty in gently rolling hills…that gradually shift into plains…which in turn change to rugged, weathered badlands.

Native grasses sway in the breeze while, dotting the hillsides, cattle and sheep graze alongside deer and antelope.

They see the Yellowstone River framed by trees, glowing with an array of beautiful Fall leaves, winding effortlessly through farming valleys. Sunrises and sunsets over golden fields of grain give way to brown, fallow strips of idle farm ground.

Freshly cut round bales lying in fields of green alfalfa wait to be put away for winter forage. Endless rows of golden tasseled corn beckons to birds and raccoons who will loot it for bounty.  Leafy rows of sugar beets grow under a rainbow of sunlit water cascading from an overhead sprinkler.

This beautiful scenery is but a backdrop for the hard-working people who live in Montana: Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern.

Throughout the year, several thousand friends, family, and tourists will visit Montana. But as residents we’re the fortunate ones.

Visitors get a momentary glimpse of our majestic Big Sky State and its beautiful scenery. However, we get to live, work, and play in this beautiful state every day!

We can all agree that Montana is the “last, best place” and I’m proud to call Eastern Montana home.

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*Photos courtesy of Nathan Satran Photography